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Not a Peculiar
Hello, my name is Wanisa, but everyone calls me Chisa. I've been a Potterhead my whole life, I dedicate myself in the helping of the poor, and now n' then I watch a lot of anime.

So this past weekend, Region 4 held our 2013 Region Training Conference! Honestly, it was such a great experience, and I’m happy to leave it as my first and last RTC. But what really made it awesome, was these peeps here. Their dedication, their hard work, their spirit, and their fun-loving personality show me how worthwhile it is to serve Division 6 South everyday. PS these probably have to be the most amazing reaction shots ever! Our faces when we were announced as winners for this year’s spirit stick~ #keyclub #d6s #division6south #rtc2013 (at University of California, Riverside)